How to Make Firefox Faster: Downgrade Flash, Firefox 3.5 beta 4

5 05 2009

There’s two steps that I’ve discovered to take care of Firefox’s recent ability to crash at exactly the wrong moment, as well as the problem of all my Flash videos being slow and laggy. One is an upgrade, the other is a downgrade.

As these sort of things go, this is only relevant for today (May 5, 2009) and will rapidly become out of date as versions are upgraded, betas are finished, and URLs change. YMMV.

This order works the best, on Mac OSX:

  • Download the Adobe Flash Uninstaller: here
  • Upgrade to Firefox 3.5 beta, whatever is latest:
  • Download Flash 9: here
    • If you’re on PowerPC (which my Powerbook is), you’ll have to open the .dmg and copy the two files to /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/
    • If you’re on Intel, run the installer app.
  • It probably doesn’t hurt to run Disk Utility – Repair Permissions, as other guides for this suggested, but this is just Mac voodoo or snake oil. Can’t hurt, though.

Your Firefox should now be shiny and new, and your Flash videos, especially on Vimeo in HD, will hopefully be less stuttery.



BarCamp Madison 2: A Recap

1 08 2008

Had a blog post that I was writing at BarCampMadison2 as the weekend progressed, and forgot to put it under source control. Now it’s gone!

Instead I’ll say that it was a great weekend, I really enjoyed it, and the folks who did the planning really pulled it off! Excellent location, excellent food, excellent people!

My photos from the event are on my flickr

Programmer Blogs You Should Read

29 07 2008

This is a short list, as I am under the impression that most programmers are already reading Joel on Software, Coding Horror, Paul Graham’s essays, etc. Here’s a few gentlemen whose writing you might have missed:

And if you haven’t read it already, you should go back through Steve Yegge’s blog posts. He’s written some really good stuff.

Madison Street Art

28 07 2008

As a precursor to a longer blog post recapping BarCamp Madison2, I’m going to share some of the shots that I took of street art (aka graffiti) in Madison, WI.

Blog All Bookshelves Pt.1

23 07 2008

I took some photso to illustrate how I was organizing a few shelves in my new apartment, and realized I should put the images into a blog post and call it something snazzy. So this is my new project.

Trying to group related ideas for sciences, math, great thinkers, etc. These are all the good books, Ive banished the less-interesting ones elsewhere.

Trying to group related ideas for sciences, math, great thinkers, etc. These are all the 'good' books, I've banished the less-interesting ones elsewhere.

Just some of the programming books.

Just some of the programming books.

The cyberpunk shelf, though its missing a few key items, (havent finished unpacking the boxes and boxes of scifi books) and the classics novels are invading on the right.

The cyberpunk shelf, though it's missing a few key items, (haven't finished unpacking the boxes and boxes of scifi books) and the 'classics' novels are invading on the right.


22 07 2008

Metablogging is writing about writing blogs, on your blog. I don’t like it, and I really try not to do it. Am I doing it right now? I don’t know.

I agree with this guy, though.

Update 2: status of this blog

3 06 2008

I’ve been away for awhile, and I’ve now moved into Milwaukee (well, technically Shorewood, to keep the urbanites happy; it’s not quite far enough downtown for them). I should have a new ISP in a week here, but until then, I’m writing posts in coffee shops. Which is to say, I’m enjoying a lot of coffee, and that’s not an entirely bad way to spend time.

The Pirate Bay launched their free service a few months back, with the added promise that they would not censor content as long as it did not violate Swedish law. I set up a blog, at and briefly posted there as an experiment, without advertising it much via the usual means. The service leaves a lot to be desired (there’s no file/image upload and there’s a limited set of themes to choose from, with no way to customize the CSS), but then again, for a clone, it does reasonably well.

The main issue seems to be that only people with Baywords accounts can comment, and I’d rather have a way to comment without forcing the user to sign up for any service, perhaps using OpenID to validate identity but not leaving commenting wide open for spam.

My posts at that blog were quite literally inspired by the main character in Cory Doctorow’s latest novel, Little Brother. To that end I was going to write a few posts about some topics one might run into at DefCon, and I made a video of myself nuking an RFID tag in a microwave.

But, due to the problems with the Baywords service, I’ve now abandoned it and left my little experiment there. At some point I’d like to pull all the posts I’ve ever written from all the blogging engines I’ve used (including my own blogging system that I wrote all in one big perl file, circa 2001-2004, with an RDF feed that predated RSS 1.0 spec) into a sort of meta-blog with a huge timeline. Until then, I’ll just link things together with RSS glue and pull them into my tumblog.

This blog has not been particularly focused enough on code and technical ideas as much as I’d hoped, or at least I haven’t updated it enough to justify writing much more here, either. So this, too, will get pulled into my soup, and I may post here occasionally, but right now, I’m looking to abandon the sort of long-form blog posts in favor of short posts on my soup tumblog and twitter messages.

Thanks for stopping by.