Not dead, just very busy.

21 11 2007

Quick update.

I know I never got beyond the initial Hello World post. It doesn’t make any sense to try and apologize for such a thing, but I thought that it was be best to let anyone who stops by know that I intend to start writing blog posts here at some future point. Unfortunately, things I have to be doing (classes, life in general) tend to be getting in the way of all the things that I want to be doing (coding, jet-setting around to conferences.)

Luckily, it’s probably the first few blog posts that are the hardest. At least that is what I’m led to believe. There are a couple posts in the buffer right now, incomplete, that I’d like to finish and share with you all. Since I’m not exactly jumping on hot news stories (what new Web 2.0 website is everyone talking about this week?) I’ll probably write them either as general technology discussions, or looking at new technologies that you can actually use (current interests include microformats for semantic data, OpenID, & OAuth and how that tech can be used in web apps) and projects I’m working on (of which there are several, but nothing really intended or ready for public consumption.)

Twitter seems to be a pretty good way to handle all my personal communication, so I don’t really see the need to post about what I ate for lunch or who I had lunch with here. In fact, my twitter feed is getting imported on the sidebar of this blog, so you don’t even have to click that link to see what I’m up to.

Stay tuned.